"Kampot Pepper"

Best Pepper In The World

Pepper is originated in Southern India, but the best quality in the world is found in “Kampot Pepper” produced in Kampot Province in southwestern Cambodia. It has always enjoyed the highest quality reputation and is the favourite spice in the world, especially among the European fine dining restaurants and top chefs. In addition to its unique floral note, its high piperine content gives very rich flavour and hence it is regarded as the Best Pepper In The World.

Cambodia Kampong Organic Peppercorns

Enjoy 365 Cambodia Kampong Cham Organic Peppercorns is sourced from pepper farms in Kampong Cham (now Kampong Cham and Tboung Khmum provinces), in the heart of Cambodia on the eastern bank of the Mekong, where most of the pepper in Cambodia is harvested, and exported to Asia, Europe, and USA for many years. Customers all over the World love the kick of heat and peppery aroma.

Cambodia Kampot Organic Peppercorns

Enjoy 365 Cambodia Kampot Organic Peppercorns is sourced from certified organic farms in Kampot, Cambodia. No chemical ingredient is added so its natural flavour and quality is preserved. Cambodia Kampot pepper is renowned in culinary and food industry. It receives the same protection from European Union as for Bordeaux wine in France.

Black Pepper – is the dried berry of pepper (peppercorn). It is spicy, has strong aroma, and complex flavours. It is suitable for meat dishes and used frequently in Western cuisines, sandwiches or salads.

White Pepper – is the dried seed of pepper with peel and pulp removed. It has fresh aroma and mild spicy flavour. It is suitable for white meat and seafood dishes, and is used frequently in Asian cuisines.

Red Pepper – is made by drying the berry when it is ripe. It has pine flavour and is lightly spicy. Besides suitable for white meat and seafood dishes, it is also used to blend with sauces too.


The history of Kampot pepper planting can be dated back to Angkorian period.  In February 2016, Ministry of Commerce, Cambodia and the French Development Agency have successfully registered PGI label for Kampot Pepper in European Union.  After Kampot Pepper has obtained the PGI label and its unique status, it receives the protection from EU same as for Gorgonzola cheese and Darjeeling tea.

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